Treefrog Air Freshener, Bamboo Charcoal, Black Squash Scent 6-Pack, Captures, Eliminates Odors, Purifies and Freshens Air

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The best special formulated and high quality air freshener. Fresh Box Charcoal contains 2 kinds of natural extracted material.
1. Bamboo charcoal, this works as deodorizer and neutralizer. It absorbs and eliminates odors to clean and freshen the air.
2. Botanical essential oil, this works as freshener. It releases the fresh smell and wonderful scent.

By deodorizing the unpleasant smells and releasing fragrance scent, it makes the environment purely contains your favorite fresh scent only.
This product is designed and formulated by Sakura Aromas Co., LTd. Japan.
Net Content: 200g per pack.