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Treefrog Fresh Box Duo

Treefrog Fresh Box Duo.jpg

High premium quality, very popular and well known JDM auto air freshener products. Sit back and enjoy a refreshing smell while driving. It contains special formulated gel based ingredient that may last up to 60 days. Perfect for your cars/ autos, or rooms at home & office.

Tips - please note: the amount of fragrance power varies depending on the aluminum seal (foil film) you'll remove. Do not remove the foil film entirely if you have a concern with too overpowering smell.

Product Features:

  • Duo scent as dual freshness combination action
  • Long-lasting air freshener that smells natural fresh and clean fragrance
  • Ideal for under the seat for car, van, RV, truck, bus, or other vehicles
  • Much more natural smelling than any other fresheners
  • Content 200g/ 7.06oz (per pack). Designed and formulated by Car Nation Co., LTD - Nara-Ken, Japan